As far back as 1925, love for the soil and all that it generates attracted the attianese family to a life of cultivation and caring for the land.
Through generations of hard work and sacrifice, the attianese family has benn able to bring the fruits of mother nature to the local market.
The desire to share mother nature's bounty with italian consumer and with people all over the world, inspired the idea to create a preservation process.
Love and experience handed down from father to son, has allowed the attianese family to maintain and produce high-quality products that use only the freshest tomatoes, the tastiest leguemes and the ripest of fruits packed in the traditional italian way.
In the beginning, the preservation process was focused in one of Italy's symbol of tomato transformation Sant'Antonio Abate, a province in Naples. In a few years, this little factory, born a big idea, incrased its potential through the opening of different production plants and the realization of a precise and successful policy of diversification.

Attianese spa

Attianese's main plant is located in Nocera Superiore, province of Salerno, covering an area of 50,000 sqare metres. Here we produce tomato paste, chopped tomates and sauces for pizza.
We have another factory, 30,000 square meters in size, where we produce peeled tomatoes in large foodservice sizes that are destined for catering.
Finally, in our last facility, with a surface covering 15,000 square meters, we produce a wide range of legumes for both retail and foodservice needs.
Our knowledge, techinical and professional background over the years has continued to evolve to exceed ever-changing requirements for higher quality, professional standards and punctuality to service the growing and demanding markets in Italy and abroad.

Quality has always been our primary objective, from the initial selection of the very best ingredients, to our production process that uses the most up-to-date equipment, and finally to our scrupulous application of both required ecc hygiene and safety standards, ISO 9001:2000, BRC stardard and IFS standard. Our factories also operate in the respect of Kosher rules.