Development contracts Campanian crisis areas (Circular MISE 5067 of 13 February 2014 and D.M. 09/24/2010) – Application “SICA S.R.L. – CDSPAC_11”

The project idea stems from the need to increase the competitiveness of the Campania agri-food sector and, in particular, the sector relating to the productions characterizing the territory referred to the Nocera – Gragnano Industrial District, that is to say tomato derivatives and other typical vegetables (some of which they boast a recognized quality mark).

The program is represented by 4 investment projects aimed essentially at bringing technological innovations to the proposing companies and increasing their production capacity, with the aim of repositioning themselves on the reference markets, on the one hand, and recovering in terms of efficiency and productivity, from the ‘other.

The partner companies, therefore, have set up industrial projects aimed at strengthening the production of innovative products, understood as purée, tomato pulp, enriched pulp, organic products and cherry tomatoes, reducing the production of what are called traditional products, ie peeled is focused. Another prerogative of the partnership in question is to strengthen the tomato production chain, enhancing the collaboration between the participating companies, through the promotion of system actions so that the group can acquire an exponentially greater force than the sum of the individuals.

In summary, the strategic vision of the present project is contained in the global objective to intervene on improving the competitiveness of the agri-food sector (with particular attention to the chains of organic products, branded and “innovative” tomato derivatives), integrating the objectives of innovation of the production system, with quality and promotion.

In support of the industrial investment program, a Research and Development project was carried out, with the collaboration of the University of Naples (through the CAISIAL), with the aim of developing an innovative procedure for extraction and purification of molecules with high technological and nutritional value from waste (skins, seeds, fragments of pulp, non-conforming berries) of the industrial processing of tomatoes.

The project of Attianese, specifically, is aimed at increasing production capacity and management efficiency, thanks to the introduction of the most modern technologies within the production plant. The investment realized has exceeded the 3.2 million in value, of which over 2 million in plant, machinery and equipment.

The management had set itself the ambitious goal of reaching a turnover for the full year (2018) of 70 million euros and the results have far exceeded the forecasts. In fact, the final revenues in 2018 amounted to around 85 million euros.

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